Today has mainly been about location shooting. or at least scouting.

Idea: find somewhere that looks pretty desolate. Film some stuff. Mask some matt paintings into the background to make the whole thing look suitably alien.

Problem: we’re in london. Home of nowhere desolate. Billie’s looking at quarries but theres the obvious issue of it being a health and safety problem. Having your actor walking along in a Victorian dress and hard hat probably isnt the best plan.

What other options have I got? CG? I could completely create a CG environment and green screen the actor into it. problem with that is it won’t look that real. Our better bet is to only use CG for backgrounds.


Great night skies

Again, really nice timelapse, Great song as well 🙂

Seeing as I’m posting Puscifer stuff, here’s an interesting example of using CG within a bigger environment and a character walking through it.

This is a little less interesting than I’d like, and it’s possibly too ‘cartoony’ but It’s got a similar feel to where this could go.

This kind of brings me to what I could do for the sky. The initial idea is that it starts during the day, then there’s sunset, then night and then daybreak. It is symbolic of death and rebirth. Elizabeth Bronfen’s Night passages looks at such symbology.

Day shouldn’t be a problem to reproduce within after effects, but I’m interested in how to convey night, especially if I want it to seem alien. A great solution should be the use of cloud tanks and food colouring on glass. Shanks FX explains these processes fairly in depth:

A selection of shots from my visit to the London Planetarium in Greenwich.


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