Been looking at design ideas for a secondary character within the Khaidian video. I’ve been really quite interested in a few different angles. The secondary character that the protagonist meets is a thin, gaunt looking man. He has already started turning into a type of tree with roots… Some inspiration:

Titus Andronicus. Hands cut off and tongue cut out. The film Titus managed to produce such a striking image with this scene. The whole film is actually very stunning visually.

Some additional prosthetics I love and feel would be an interesting addition to the design of the character is the King from Hellboy 2. Excellent head dress that looks part of the character.

Talking of Guillemo Del Toro, his pale man character from Pan’s Labyrinth has similar body type I’d like to represent.

There’s also performance artist, Olivier de Sagazan, I find his art and performance quite disturbing. I may look at incorporating some kind of clay similar to De Sagazan, smearing it across their face and head.


I’ve also planned out the way that the video should progress. I’ve used the lyrics to map it because they best represent the video pace.

dominion lyrics


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