Tracking and tests

So I’ve spent a little while looking at some test footage that I filmed of Billie. This is simply so that I can see how her illustrations might work within the context of a live action scenario.

My tracking is a little off as there were few tacking points in the footage, but it at least gives a small indication of what we can do. It may not look quite like this as there would need to be a clearer idea or at least execution of certain fx. This was filmed in 720p on my 600D at 50fps. It’s playing back at 25fps for the slow mo effect. I’ve added some filters so give a bit of atmosphere to the setting, but hey, it’s still a goddamn corridor, right?

There’s definitely something to it, but it needs more depth, something stronger. Not sure what yet, perhaps its the environment?

In other news, still looking for people to be in the video itself. My housemate Fil would do it, but the only times I can book the studio seem to be daytimes. Speaking of which, this is specifically for greenscreen. Rather than the method I employed last year, namely booking out several lights and a green screen itself to use in the main Illustration studio, I’ve decided to approach the journalism dept. They have got an entire green screen suite and very little times it’s booked out. Which is just as well because I’m having a hell of a time with booking out the correct camera from the kit room. I’d like to be able to film in 1080p at 50fps, so I’ll need to research that. Currently I’m stuck in 720p, and I need that higher resolution if it’s to be commercially released. Of course the cameras always seem to be booked out, along with every steadycam rig. So, I’ll have to move the date I’ve booked in the green screen studio and rebook at a time I can get the camera.



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