Virtual environments

So Billie has been doing lots of research on the location. She’s gone to a local quarry, which would have been ideal, had it been a little bigger and with less machinery.




It’s a shame as it would definitely be an easier option to use these areas and mask off the top for sky textures.

Instead, today has mostly been about watching tutorials on Lynda and Video Copilot. about 8 hours worth…

For the past week I’ve been looking at the likelihood of creating a completely virtual environment. This is because we’re having difficulty getting everything organised, not through any fault of ours, but more that we’re attempting to herd an awful lot of cats…

Firstly, the ongoing saga of renting the 5D, steady cam rig and arranging for a location to film in. We’ve been looking at quarries as the locations Paul had a look at are a little green for my tastes. If we had a volcano knocking about, that would be great! Sadly London is lacking in volcanic formations. With all these issues it may be easiest to create environments in Cinema 4D and After Effects.

I’ve done some 2.5D work in AE previously with my work on the Ladybird books animation last year, but I want this to be somewhat deeper in it’s 3D. So my best bet would be to use some tracking dots with the green screen, use some camera tracking software like Boujou and transfer that information into Cinema 4D and the keyed out green screen footage.

The Cinema 4D footage will be using the “Projection Man” element of the program, essentially similar to AE’s ability to layer pictures in 3D space, but using 3D contouring.

So basically lots of research.


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