It seems an endless quest to work out the best, and quickest way to make this all work.

Filming: I expect I’ll be filming all the green screen footage in 720p. Once that’s done, I’ll upscale the footage into a 1080p project. For the most part it shouldn’t be really noticeable, the footage will be slow and the environment will be native 1080p. Fingers crossed.

Wood Character: The character that our protagonist meets is turning into wood, so there’s a mix of organic materials revealed. This should be uncomfortable and somewhat abject. I love the idea of using Olivier De Sagazan’s horrible deformed clay, but this will probably be very dirty and not ideal for long periods of filming.

Looking at other options for looks, I remembered the ‘Clickers’ from the game, ‘The Last of Us’. Apart from being an amazing game, the design of these horrible (and unbeatable) monsters is based on the idea of the Cordyceps Brain Infection fungus. Usually it kills insects such as wasps with it’s parasitic nature, but the game takes it to a new zombie like level. It may be possible to incorporate this organic fungal look into a mask for the wood character. I’ve checked out a few tutorials online and the foam used in filling holes in building work might be a great material. mix this with some wood, branches and some airbrush, and this might just work.

Dress: I’m pretty sure we’re going to use this dress;

Location: Billie’s done some scouting and photography of the Quarry. There’s some great textures there, but there may not be enough for us to use. It’s also fairly small. Alternatively I’ve been looking into using VUE by E-on. It’s a 3D graphics program designed purely to produce nature. I should be able to import camera tracking data into it as well, which means I can create a virtual environment and then insert the green screen footage into it, matching the camera path.


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