So the edit in itself hasn’t taken too long. It took roughly a day to convert all the camera mp4 files into Apple Prores for editing purposes. Once that was done I started the editing process, following the rough plan I set out, I was able to select key scenes around the music and add those into the timeline. The editing took about a day in all, various sections have been left blank to include the landscape.


Once that was finished I then made each of the takes it’s own nested file. Imported the project file into Media Encoder, then exported each take as a JPEG sequence as it’s more accurate than H.264 to track from. I then imported this into Boujou where I tracked the motion and applied a camera solve. It seems to work pretty well, but one of the issues is the XYZ axis. Vue accepts 3ds Max camera data but Max’s Y and Z axis are swapped. After a little experimentation with the axis and the scale, (when importing into Vue a larger scale means it’s higher off the ground, not really what I want to have) I managed to make something work.

Boujou to the left of me, Vue to the right…

Once I imported the camera data into Vue and played around with some lighting, I ended up just waiting to finish rendering. I’ve got a lot to do, and it’s unlikely I’ll manage to get it all done anytime soon. Damn you render times!!!


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