So last Monday mainly consisted of filming all the green screen footage. I met up with Annette who was going to be our main actor. Went to the kit room, picked up several items; Canon 5D, tripod, dolly, slider a second green screen and a couple of cables. Got to the green screen room that’s run by the journalism dept. They have got some lights for the screen and some main and fill lights, but they’re all very washy, very directionless. I ended up getting another lamp from the kit room so I could create stronger lighting effects on the actors. I set the second screen on the floor as it was lacking anything other than concrete. I then taped down the edges. One potential issue was that there isn’t a nice slope from the wall screen to the floor, hopefully I can mask it off ok. The lights are also slightly hot in places, not entirely even, and as such will probably cause my keying some issues. We marked the floor with masking tape as it would act as markers for Boujou to follow.

I set my white balance on both the 5D and my 600D. The 5D was set to 720p and running at 60fps. It had it’s standard kit lens, but that’s still kind of nice. The 600D was at 1280p and 25fps. Most of the session it was running stationary or Billie took over. After some experimentation with the 5D I started to shoot.


The dolly was pretty poor, I managed only one shot really. kept on veering to the side like a crappy shopping trolly. I eventually swapped to the slider. It has some wobble to it, but if you’re careful it was a LOT smoother. I figure the slow mo would even out some wobble.

We filmed Annette walking up and down and acting out a few key moments. We broke for a sandwich around 1.30. Billie bought a record…

Waiting for Conor, who was running late, we finished off a few bits with Annette. Conor got to us around 3.30pm. Unfortunately, Billie’s prosthetics take some time to put on, but I had already spoken to the head of Journalism and he said it would be fine to stay past 5pm, when he leaves.

He turns up at 4.30 and tells us we can stay, but he has to turn all the lights off. Great


We finish off Conor’s prosthetics as best we can. Coating him in a layer of clay and water, Billie’s prosthetics glued around his torso with small bits of willow branch stuck in. Billie’s mask is slightly too small for Conor as she’s mainly used herself and her Dad to check the size… Billie and her Father are hardly huge. A few hacks away at the inside of the mask and it fits great.


We get 15 minutes of filming.

So I decide to use just one light – the one I hired. Sorted.

We get 5 minutes and then someone tells us we have to leave. I can only assume they all wanted to get home.

I film another 5 minutes of film. Some extreme closeup textures which are great. And then pack up.

Looking at the footage, I’m sure I’m going to have some keying issues, some glare and bleed that will need to be masked off. Now I need to edit this thing together.


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