Mac: 1

PC: nil

So, my first render on my PC took around 2 days. It wasn’t even that complicated. Problems:

Time it took to render. If I continued to use the PC I wouldn’t be able to get the thing rendered for the hand in, even if I worked 24 hours a day. So alternatives are useful. Swapping over to the Mac has significantly decreased my render times, despite it not having a 3D card. Mac it is…

Exporting from Vue as an MP4 somehow includes the Alpha channel over the sky, and therefore completely screws the look. Though this could be a help later when I need the Alpha intact for the night time scenes. Instead of MP4 I’m just rendering them as a bitmap image sequence. It’s lossless and I can pick up any abandoned renders whenever I need to.

Camera tracking. Although it seems to work I need to go back to the camera tracks in Boujou and make sure they’re sufficiently smooth. the keys are a bit jumpy right now, so they don’t look too great. I’ve checked it out and there’s tools within Boujou to smooth out camera tracks.



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