Additional inspiration

There are a few video styles that I’m quite interested in drawing from. Billie’s illustrations are all in pencil and the artwork has a very monochrome feel. That overall feel, linked with the Victorian medical look, is informing the look of this video, the album inlay and the merch.

It seems I’ve been influenced by a lot of monochrome videos. Although I don’t think I want to do something completely monochrome, I think the colours will definitely be drained in the final outcome.

Meshuggah : I Am Colossus

A stop motion video that has a claustrophobic feel. There’s nothing fast or aggressive about it, but it does have a creeping terror to it.

Vattnet Viskar : Breath of the Almighty

Great use of stillness and sky. It’s a black/post metal band that manages to create a video that shies away from the traditional imagery. quite modern, but unrelentingly dark.

Dimmu Borgir : Gateways

A lot of mucking about with focus here. That and slow motion / over cranked film. There’s a small amount of colour, but it’s mainly drained.

The White Stripes : Blue Orchid

Floria Sigismondi has produced various videos that have a dark and odd look to them that I find interesting. Other videos include David Bowie, Marilyn Manson and The Cure. Possibly more chaotic than I wish to achieve, but interesting use of speed.


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