Some technical gubbins

Boujou is great, but it can have some issues… especially on green screen footage. There are a few things I’ve had to do to make sure the solves are working, such as grading shots with more contrast before the solve and adding manual tracking points. There are of course some quirks I’ve come across such as it’s slight drift in time. Boujou doesn’t differentiate between 24fps and 23.976fps so I’m having to adjust where I can.

Primatte Keyer by Red Giant is a pretty good alpha key removal plugin, but I’ve been having numerous issues where I’ll key out the green screen and find myself 2 minutes later re-keying the same section because it’s reverted back to an improperly keyed selection. No idea why it’s doing it. Instead I’m going back to After Effects own Keylight plug_in, which I used for the Thrive video. It’s surprisingly accurate as long as you’re willing to tweak with a few bits. Using a mixture of the two my keys are now becoming more accurate.

This is my first time using linked compositions. Using Premiere and After Effects at the same time and bridging them between each other. It’s actually very useful. Previously I have exported files from after effects to place into premiere. This causes problems in sections being slightly lossy. Tones not being quite so deep, slight colour errors, that kind of thing. This pretty much bypasses all that. Definitely a way I’ll be using it in future.

I’ve also probably made my life harder with my choice of skies and atmospheric effects within Vue. My render times have shot up again with the use of morphing clouds and spectral lighting on everything. looks great but I’ve only got one more week to really finish all the editing! Render farm anyone?12274739_10156276522200440_2242265019664618893_n





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