We wanted the Inlay illustrations to reflect the main cover and possibly continue on the theme of medical illustrations mixed with roots / branches.


Billie created some sketches based on the type of thing we were thinking. Anything from teeth to hips were fair game.


Using elements of Gray’s anatomy again, Billie worked her way through some ideas.

Billie then went on to create 14 illustrations for the interior of the album booklet. Seven for each inlay.

Billie then forwarded these all onto me to start editing together the images and lyrics.

I started by putting together some ideas for the cover itself. Attempting to place the text and the logo onto what Billie had produced.


I started by looking at a 3 page inlay as it would keep costs down and allow for a somewhat minimal interior. I wasn’t so keen on the initial text placement, or font. I finally settled on a more handwritten font for the album titles – ‘Penumbra’ and ‘Lucidity’. The second picture shows how the second inlay will work in conjunction with the first.


I’ve become quite attached to the idea of not having the logo on the front cover. That said, I think the band would prefer it, so I will look at incorporating it properly. Khaidian are looking at releasing the CD as a digipak, which means there will be a cardboard cover as the main packaging with an inlay inside a sleeve. It may be worth using this to drop the logo from the inlay, but have it on the actual cover.

I started experimenting with inlays with Billie’s illustrations and the lyrics.


Overall I wasn’t too happy with the layout, text, or much else… The six page booklet was definitely not big enough to incorporate everything I wanted to, such as lyrics and Billie’s illustrations, without it seeming crammed and ugly. So an executive decision was made to turn it into an 8 page book. Here are the final versions of the first 6 pages:


To me these fit much better. There’s a better flow to the text design and Billie’s illustrations fit well now. I also incorporated some imagery from the video (the mountains) to draw more relationship between the concepts of the illustrations and the video.

I decided to also pick out key phrases from Andy’s lyrics and made them stand out, whilst the song titles sit in the to the side of the body of text in a non-obtrusive manner.

All I need to do now is sort out the last page and make sure it’s checked for spelling errors!


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