Final Major Project

So I’ve taken a month away from doing this stuff, not least because I’ve had a great deal to write for my thesis, but that’s another story.

My final major project will be broken into 3 separate briefs. Seeing as I will be doing a fair amount of work with Khaidian still I have been looking at producing some more content for the band. It makes sense to incorporate something I’m already working on into my university work, that way at least I might not burn myself out. I’ve also been considering alternative forms of project, such as traditional illustration, but right now continuing down the video route feels like I will reap most rewards. So what is in store? Well, I’ve already completed (bar tidying up and finishing audio) 4 videos, I know that I have another solid idea ready for another song and that leaves me with 2 final videos to complete, for this release at any rate. I actually don’t wish to use the one solid idea I’ve had for some time for this, as I feel it will be more useful to approach that outside of university. Theoretically I can use two parts of my FMP for two videos, and then the final part I can look from a different perspective for my videos.

For a long time now I have wanted to create live visuals for the Khaidian live performance. I have managed to create videos that runs parallel to Khaidian playing onstage, using the Mac and playing back edited VJ videos. My ideal would be to have an entire set (usually around 30 minutes) with each song following it’s own particular journey. This should enhance the performance of the band and not work against it.

It’s unlikely that I’ll be able to complete an entire 30 minute set worth of animations for the FMP, so I will have to look at how much I can realistically produce alongside my other videos. Scheduling will be an important factor in all this.



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