Virtual realities

I keep coming back to methods of creating video that is very different. In that respect it’s more to do with the delivery of the video. A few bands and artists have already attempted to produce interactive or ‘virtual’ experiences. The Arcade Fire – producing their interactive web video; Bjork – her 360 degree viewable video and now Megadeth:

Apart from Dave Mustain looking insanely old now, this is actually pretty cool. They are releasing the track with a cardboard VR headset, which allows you to view everything as if you were there. The great thing about this is it uses existing affordable tech that most people already own to deliver something new.

I’ve tried out a friends VR headset that uses a smartphone to deliver the images and sound. Using the phones ability to discern where you are looking, you’re able to view something that is essentially using augmented reality to deliver a 3D experience. It’s obviously in it’s infancy, but it is really quite cool, nonetheless.

I must think some more on how to include something like this into my work.


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