Augmented realities

I’ve been pretty inspired to try something new since starting this research. That, along with a desire to not fall into the same bracket as most other videos is leading me closer and closer to VR technology. My ideas don’t fully encompass virtual reality quite yet as I simply don’t have the skill, time or equipment to do that… perhaps one day though. My main idea for this, in an exhibition space, is as follows:


– The video itself will be a performance capture of the band via the Kinect. This will most likely be several takes of each performer on their own.

– Once the Kinect footage has been collected, the cloud points will then be moved into Cinema 4D. This data should then allow me to do some interesting things with the footage, potentially mixing real footage, filmed at the same time.

– The ‘staging area’ will be in the round with the main camera placed centrally. This will allow a viewer to see each member outside of them. I will design a simple background that will also react in time to the music.

– When the animation has rendered it will be put into an iPad so that when viewed, the gyroscopes will be able to inform the viewer which way they are looking.

– A physical, central stand holding an iPad type device. The stand has 180 degree rotation and 90 degree tilt. This allows the viewer to turn the device on its central axis, thus the virtual camera turns within the animation, showing the band playing around the viewer.

iPad exhibition display stand


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