360 degree fun!

There are quite a lot of 360 videos cropping up now that YouTube has started supporting them. Here’s a few examples of what’s being produced.





The Difference Engine

Been looking at having an environment that looks a little steam punk. Nothing aggressively so, just using some elements from the Science museum to develop a room that the ‘man’ can exist in. This environment should be the main area throughout the video.

I’ve always been quite interested in Babbage’s difference engine. First proposed in 1822, I find it fascinating that had it been completed, it would have propelled the computer age forward by another 50 – 100 years. Then to have Ada Lovelace (the only legitimate child of Byron) also fully involved in Babbage’s ‘analytical engine’ (an off shoot of the difference engine), and thus be forever known as the worlds first ‘computer programmer’. Neither were properly built until the 1900s, but both, when constructed, were proven to be actual working computers.

Here’s some inspiration for the look of the room, mainly using photos from the science museum.


Animation tests

Here’s a very brief test to see how fast it might take to do the animation in Corel Painter.

Answer: bloody ages.

Potentially it might be a better angle to just use AE to animate static images created in Painter. There may be less natural movement, but it is more than likely to take less time. Also there’s the issue of attempting to mix in the background. I have some ideas, but it could be mismatched.

Lets make things complicated

Looking through Resolume Arena, there’s the nice ability to, as well as warp video for projection mapping, stream video to multiple outputs. This is potentially a pretty good thing, but I’m not sure Khaidian has the resources or plays the kind of venues that would allow us to do something like that.

A couple of thoughts on all this though:

Multiple projectors with frame blending between each projector. This means that it would be possible to have a large area instead of the standard 16:9 ratio screen. Could it be useful for extra wide areas?

Multiple projectors showing alternative outputs. These potentially could run across several projectors and screens, which depending on the show, might be really cool.

Projection mapping. Would be awesome. Time, venues and life in general is against me though. As much as I like making my life harder, I think this may be going too far. At least for now.

Beeple Crap

For the live video I’m a lot more into abstraction rather than real items. There’s a tendency for VJ videos (the closest comparison), to have floating people and booming speakers in space. Not really the kind of elements I want to include within a Khaidian performance. That said, these things tend to be from the world of dance music and the general visual language is different to the language of rock and metal.

I seems the main bit of software used by VJs (at least those with enough money), are using Resolume. It’s really good at mixing multiple video streams and projection mapping (the act of projecting onto specific areas). That said, I intend to use the Mac to play back existing edited video. This means two things, firstly, it will be perfectly in synch and secondly, it won’t require additional programs to run. I currently am running Ableton Live, which has the capability to play back video at the same time as any audio.

Some examples:

Here’s a great guy that produces lots of videos for VJs. BEEPLE. Really great use of Cinema 4D. I’ve already used some of his loops previously and his stuff is probably some of the best out there. Given he gives it away for free, that’s pretty impressive.

I’m a bit of a fan of black and white, solid colour, geometric shapes and somewhat simplistic / quietly complex looking stuff. Here’s a few examples:

From Docoptic

From VJFader – Some nice uses of projection mapping and abstraction that fits with the music. possibly a little garish for my tastes, but really well done.





Was watching Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson. Some really nice animation in it and definitely has some inspiration there.

Yep, big telescope, pretty space clouds.

nasa widescreen background starsgalaxies wallpaper imagesd89114f07ff18065ab05b22fb6f42bc7_large4179758-nasa-hubble-spacescape1893d0d6bd43bc1dd03317cec86ef4af_largeouter20space20stars20galaxies20nasa201916x107920wallpaper_www-wallpaperhi-com_2


A few visual references for the ‘man’ in my FMP1 video:

Looking mainly at the spine, arms and collar bone.

I want the ‘man’ to look like he’s spent a long time alone, not caring for himself or with any real food. There’s also the element of him looking somewhat alien. Hence extending the spine so it protrudes out of the back and over the scull.

I’m attempting to see if I can paint lots of frames in painter and put them together in Adobe Premiere/After Effects.


3D printing fun!

If I’m to film on the DSLR at the same time as the kinect, I need to have a mount. Either I can spend about £100(!) on one of these:


Or alternatively I use the 3D printer at uni with the schematics that RGBD Toolkit provides.

The main reason for this is to properly align the kinect with the main camera.

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