The Old Man and the Sea

So I think I have a stronger idea for my FMP1 project now. This has been causing me most issues as I really wanted to make it different, somewhat chaotic, but also have a format of story there, no matter how surreal. I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to use my own art style (weird thought), within something that uses rigged characters within After Effects. I’m still very much wanting to develop something with the Doug Trumbull style space vistas, but this time mixed with something animated.

I’ve been looking at a lot more of Tool’s videos, seeing as they have a great sense of surreality whilst also using some amazing imagery.

Most of these use some form of stop motion, but I want to avoid that as I’d be looking at several months worth of prep and animation.

My idea as it runs right now, will incorporate some form of slightly alien looking old man in a building with a window and a weird telescope. The man then proceeds to look out through the telescope to the night sky and see asteroids and planets. The general thought is that the man is on earth, but I’d like there to be a moment when you realise he’s hurtling toward earth on a comet himself. All a little vague right now… but more ideas will come.

A couple of other thoughts

– Head over to the science museum and take some photos of the machinery there for reference / use within the animation.

– At one point the man pulls a ‘drawer’ out of his chest that contains his heart. He then uses this heart in the machinery to make it run.

– a hole opens in his face to fit the end of the telescope into it.

– spidery, careful movements.


A concept drawing of the main character:

old man test painter


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