Lets make things complicated

Looking through Resolume Arena, there’s the nice ability to, as well as warp video for projection mapping, stream video to multiple outputs. This is potentially a pretty good thing, but I’m not sure Khaidian has the resources or plays the kind of venues that would allow us to do something like that.

A couple of thoughts on all this though:

Multiple projectors with frame blending between each projector. This means that it would be possible to have a large area instead of the standard 16:9 ratio screen. Could it be useful for extra wide areas?

Multiple projectors showing alternative outputs. These potentially could run across several projectors and screens, which depending on the show, might be really cool.

Projection mapping. Would be awesome. Time, venues and life in general is against me though. As much as I like making my life harder, I think this may be going too far. At least for now.


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