The Difference Engine

Been looking at having an environment that looks a little steam punk. Nothing aggressively so, just using some elements from the Science museum to develop a room that the ‘man’ can exist in. This environment should be the main area throughout the video.

I’ve always been quite interested in Babbage’s difference engine. First proposed in 1822, I find it fascinating that had it been completed, it would have propelled the computer age forward by another 50 – 100 years. Then to have Ada Lovelace (the only legitimate child of Byron) also fully involved in Babbage’s ‘analytical engine’ (an off shoot of the difference engine), and thus be forever known as the worlds first ‘computer programmer’. Neither were properly built until the 1900s, but both, when constructed, were proven to be actual working computers.

Here’s some inspiration for the look of the room, mainly using photos from the science museum.



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