Midi control

So my plans for the live projected video seem to have taken an interesting twist. Although I intend to produce a fairly straight ahead video to be graded, I also have to take into account that we have an end of year show to prepare for. Both of the other briefs have the ability to stand out on their own as a interesting display pieces, but the live projected video is part of a performance and short of Khaidian rocking up at the private view and playing a set, I don’t think it’s easy to show that. The question remains how to actually translate this into something that is coherent and interesting in a gallery context…

First I take the finished video and use that a basis for an installation. Have a room which uses at least 3 projectors, all showing separate, but related videos onto three walls. These videos can then be controlled directly by the viewer via either a midi drum kit, iPad based controller or something like the Numark Orbit. Not only will I program it to have control over multiple videos via Resolume, but I will also map the controls to samples played in Ableton Live. Using Ableton, I can randomise the sample playback (using sections of the original track, cut up and modified). This way I can make it so that the viewer is able to do a live visual and auditory remix and become part of the experience itself.


Numark Orbit. Used as a wireless Midi controller for both visuals and audio. It has accelerometers so it is capable of mapping x/y axis tilts to effects.


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