Another approach

After much deliberation I’ve decided to change my approach slightly to how the main character in this animation is rendered. Initially I was using Daz 3D as a starting point for the look of the character and then taking the skin tones, sizing and initial shots into Painter. In Painter I was individually painting each frame so that the character looks like he was moving. The main issues I have with this are that I wasn’t happy with the look meshing well with the backgrounds and the amount of time it takes to actually do a small amount of animation. Even with my fastest frame painting at 5 minutes it was taking waaay too long.

Hence a change of tack. I have been experimenting with animating within Daz 3D itself, but making the character look more cartoony in look. What I’ve ended up with is something that looks kind of like rotoscoping without it actually being so – elements of Scanner Darkly there. These initial tests are looking pretty interesting, but I know that I want to experiment slightly more with the textures of the character (I really need to come up with a name for him…).


A Scanner Darkly

Interestingly, this actually brings it back closer to my original idea to the look of the characters from Renaissance and the Fear of the Dark/ Charles Burns films.

old man cartoon 1old man cartoon 2old man cartoon 3old man cartoon 4old man cartoon 5old man cartoon 6old man cartoon 7old man cartoon 8


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