More controller ideas

So the way I see it I have a few controller options available to me for the display part of this video:

– Midi drumkit. Would be fun for people but takes up more room and has the added equipment issues of a drum brain connected to the computer. This also introduces some latency to the setup. Drum – Drum brain – Mac.

– Numark Orbit. Wireless and has a big dial in the centre and accelerometers which allow for a combination of manipulation of filters and visuals. The buttons can be programmed with colours which make the whole thing quite flashy to those holding it.

– Novation Launchpad. Not Wireless, but is great in terms of the actual usability. Tonnes of buttons to interact with which are all programable with their own ‘animations’. This would allow an even bigger element of interactivity for the viewer.

– iPad with a controller program installed. Would be pretty simple to set up especially as it can theoretically use as many ‘pads’ as you like, but there’s the issue of it not feeling real enough and there also being no visual feedback when playing.


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