I feel like I’m making a little headway with the animation now. I’ve been building some environments in Photoshop from the scores of photos I took at the Science museum. I’ve also managed to come up with a stronger animation than the previous attempts by using Daz 3D and making it look cel shaded. Much neater and more professional looking. to incorporate a similar feel into the backgrounds I also made them feel a little more drawn.

I’ve been mucking about with an After Effects plug-in called Newton. I wanted to have some hanging swinging cables a little similar to the chain room in Alien.

I had a lot of issues attempting to do this with any natural feel before I started using Newton, essentially a very powerful physics engine that works out the relationships between items on the screen. After a bit of experimenting and tutorial watching, I feel like the cables added to the overall movement of the scene. I’ll definitely be using them some more within the animation.


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