As I have almost completed one of the videos, I figured I should have the virtual world I’m creating for this one a little more complete.

After spending some time working around Cinema 4D I was attempting to create a monolith with a band of light around it that glows. Apparently this is harder than I first thought… After looking at the Grayscale Gorilla tutorial for the shattering ball, which has a ball with a band of light hitting another, I worked out how to have a masked off light emanating from the monolith. Only issue is that any distortions I seem to apply to the monolith do not apply to the light source. It’s an effect I can partially use I imagine.

Here are some environment tests looking at different sizes and shapes of monoliths. I think I prefer the rounded objects as opposed to the flat planes, there’s a lot more reflection and light play with them.

test 2test 3test 4test 5test 6test  7test 8


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