Some more tests and a crash.

After working on the animation for a while, I was noting a lot of lag with Cinema 4d. I decided to cut the animation down slightly and render in sections.

Various plugins used – Greyscalegorilla’s Transform and signal, AJ Haines On Off switch, Strobe Pulse and Flicker, and quite a few tutorials.

I did a test render of the animation so far.

This was mainly for timing and getting the general feel for the environment.

I then decided to look into using Vray for C4D. Although I was getting some decent looking renders from the standard C4D renderer, after doing some research I know that Vray is the only render engine that has a spherical camera. I need a spherical camera in order to render in full 360 degrees, so if I want to achieve my goal, I have no option.

Some initial tests with Vray proved to be pretty frustrating. None of C4Ds native shaders actually work with Vray, so you have to convert them or start again. I found this pretty annoying as you also have to attach tags to each light… some of which (looking at you omni light) don’t work. And even then, there’s a lot of mucking about to actually get the render to see light reflecting off of black surfaces.


In all of this to-ing and fro-ing my PC had a tantrum and decided to corrupt the C4D file. Usually I backup, and I had… but not far enough along my project to make it worth sticking with what I had. So, re-do!

I went back to square one and attempted to construct my scene quicker and more efficiently with Vray textures and lights. Here’s a couple of test renders.


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