Filming day

I’d booked an evening at Gun Factory studios in East London to do the filming with the Kinect as  Khaidian’s usual studio is a bit too small to work. I decided to film each member one at a time performing through the band’s track. This way I could take the individual elements and place them around the spherical camera in Cinema 4d.

After a couple of technical problems of power, one for my Canon 600D (a faulty fuse) and forgetting my Mac power supply (D’oh!), I started to calibrate the DSLR and Kinect within RGBDToolkit. This requires that you take 13 short video clips of the chequerboard you print out, import them into the toolkit and work out the intrinsics of the lens you are using. All lenses have slight imperfections which you have to match with the Kinect’s view.

After around an hour of calibration and setup I then asked each member to perform through the song 3 times. Recording both colour footage (the DSLR) and depth (the Kinect) simultaneously.

Fuck yeah! #mosh #heavymetal #guitar #livemusic #recording

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