After lots of issues with Vray for C4D I decided to switch things around a bit and attempt to use another render engine – Octane by Otoy. This render engine comes with a few additional positives over Vray and the standard C4D render engine; it uses CUDA enabled video cards, like the Nvidia GTX970 I just purchased, it has an active viewing window of your current render, so you can see a lot clearer the results of your tweaking, and finally it seems to be pretty damn fast. Which is a massive plus!

Continuing issues with all of these render engines have pushed back the likelihood I’ll get the whole thing finished for my hand in, but for the exhibition it’s still possible. Every time I’ve changed my setup I have to research how best to use it, change all my shaders, lights and camera and tweak until I get something worth looking at. All this said, I’m certainly getting faster with it all, so fingers crossed.

I’ll almost certainly have to stitch together around a minute to 1 1/2 minutes of footage as expecting all the geometry to run smoothly is giving me a headache. I’ve been exporting the footage from RGBD Toolkit and moving it over to my main PC, which is taking some time. Apparently the exported OBJ file sequence doesn’t play very nicely with Cinema 4D so I may have to look at another plug-in called Riptide Pro, which will allow the sequence and it’s colour info to be imported.


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