The OBJ(ect) of my affection.

Kinect recorded, now to just import into Cinema 4D. Apparently this is a LOT easier said than done. I’ve just spent the last two days researching and attempting to find a solution to all my issues.

Firstly, RGBD Toolkit exports its files as OBJ, which all 3D programs can apparently read. The problem is OBJ sequences, which cannot be natively imported into C4D or most other programs without additional scripts. I managed to track down something called Riptide. A program that can import sequences.

The main issue with Riptide is it’s a slightly older plug-in, which means I had to locate an older version of C4D (R13) with which to use.

In the meantime I mucked about with the OBJ sequences in After effects using both Trapcode Form and Plexus. They will certainly give me some additional looks that will be great, but I do want to attempt to create some figures in C4D as well.

My exports from RGBD Toolkit were creating massive issues with C4D collapsing under the sheer size of the points within the OBJ files. So back to RGBD Toolkit to simplify the exports…


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