Riptide imports each individual OBJ, but as one big mess, meaning you have to muck about to get the whole thing in sequence, and I don’t have a lot of time for that. I’ve now managed to finally import the OBJ files as a sequence, but via a different plug-in, OBJ importer 2 from C4D Zone. This works with newer versions of C4D but doesn’t import textures. At this point though, I’m really not that worried about that, I just wanted to get something into C4D.

I decided to do a test render and have found that the OBJ sequence seems to be at 60fps, making it slow and now out of time. I’ve since adjusted this, by deleting every even frame. I just now need to see if this works in plexus and Trapcode form, now I have also dropped the polygon count within RGBD Toolkit.


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