Timing is the secret of comedy…

My major issue right now is getting the timing for the Kinect performance correct. What seems to be happening is a slip in the timing of the files. I was importing the entire performance and then attempting to sync it up to the audio. I was basing this on the film footage I’ve already taken. One issue appears to be that although the C4D project is 30fps and apparently the Kinect records at 30fps, there’s something going weird along the way, resulting in this drift.And looking at the output OBJ files from RGBD Toolkit results in a LOT of mixed up or missing frames.

I’ve looked at the individual frames of the output and there seems to be duplicated frames here and there. Not so much that you would notice it when playing back though. If I delete the frames it leaves an empty gap that I have to edit manually. When fully imported into C4D, there also seems to be an overall slowdown of the footage, almost like it was filmed in a higher frame rate.

So now I’ve tried manually deleting, and moving frames and it’s just taking too long. So I’m essentially taking the footage, splitting it into two versions, slow and fast, and then editing it so that it jumps in and out at key times.


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