Some of the more odd / better music videos I’ve happened across. A lot of these were released within the last 3 years and are a fairly good indication of videos within metal (and industrial and Primus…).

Mastodon – This video sparked a lot of talk because it uses imagery not usually associated with rock and metal, namely twerking.

Devil Wears Prada – Nice use of puppets, also a bit different.

Every time i die – just a big dumb video of a band having fun. kinda cool. not very original.

Behemoth – Lots of dark imagery. More conceptual than full on performance.

Rivers of Nihil – Tech Death metal, a bit of a change from the usual performance video. Although it does still sit in the ‘standard band in wasteland/decrepit house/warehouse’ arena.

Animation this time. Looks like lots of After Effects.

Very typical performance + epic narrative going on here

Slayer – going for a very filmic narrative here. plus the usual performance stuff.

Not a known band at all, but I thought the data mashing was kind of cool.

Marilyn Manson’s comeback. slightly odd, almost pop video, with no musicians really, only writhing women and CG. and Manson.

Sikth – Mikee (the singer) did this video. seems mainly to be after effects, but it’s good to see something a little different.

Clutch – using humour and narrative (as the song does).

Apparently quite a respected video. a lot of the animation is pretty good and obviously a lot of work has gone into it.

Primus. just….

Parkway Drive – Actually a very typical video.

Pantera – (1994) considered a bit of a classic performance video. Almost used as a jumping off point for the Martyrdom video.

Slipknot – another classic performance video that sparked millions of ‘play in a house being ripped apart by fans’ style videos.

Really dark and violent imagery suits Dillinger’s style here.

Skinny Puppy – a seminal industrial band. I only like this album though. And this video, although old, is a great example of giving the audience something they didn’t realise they wanted. Goths breakdancing.



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