The second from last frontier

So filming the space scenes was pretty fun. It went ahead with no errors and seemed to work well.

Set up in my garage/shed I made sure the room was light tight and set up a pane of glass suspended over a black sheet. My camera (Canon 600D) was suspended over the glass facing down.



Then using a collection of ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide, condensed milk, food colourings and compressed air, I started to blob bits around the glass. Using the Hydrogen Peroxide I managed to slowly move the milk and colourings around the surface.

The stars are created by rubbing a paper towel over the glass and showering it in particles.

The light is a small desk lamp set along the glass to capture the ‘starlight’.


Everything was fed directly into a monitor so I could see what was going on better.


The end result has come out really well. I really like some of the results and feel it should work great with the final animation.


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