The Wolf Onboard

Not so many updates recently as I’ve been working my arse off on quite a large project – not to mention moving and getting married!

The past few months has seen me working in collaboration with Galina Rin of the alternative rock/metal act Death Ingloria. A few months ago I did a lyric video for her after discussing our joint desire to create videos for each song on an album. I was creating videos for Khaidian and she was in the process of getting artists and animators to work on the ‘art’ portions of her project. Once I completed the video for Silent Running Engaged, a collaboration using the artwork of Anne Bengard, I got to work on the main work for Rin.

The main concept for the videos is using a comic that Rin produced in collaboration with 2000AD writer Hilary Robinson and artist Nigel Dobbyn. A tale of the fall of mankind thanks to genetic engineering and a malevolent A.I. the story follows the album that Death Ingloria has produced in the form of “The Wolf Onboard”. Despite the band being a one person outfit, the final result is a surprisingly cohesive beast, and it was my job to bring Dobbyn’s illustrations to life.

This has meant that I’ve taken each of the seven pages of Dobbyn’s work, split them into layers and recreated backgrounds, elements and figures that are key to the story. Using both the puppet tool and DuIK I have animated the figures so as to have some dynamic as they appear within the action. Some pages have been a challenge as they are relatively stark, meaning that some inventive use of the camera has been a necessity, along with inventive placement of the lyrics.


On top of all the animation involved for the actual releases, I am also producing live versions for her live performance. Using a round projection screen that has a back projection from a short throw projector. The videos are masked into a circle so as to fit the screen, but this has meant some editing of original camera angles and positions. I have a tendency to place key items to the side of the frame, so an adjustment of this was vital. Also we decided to have some lyrics placed within the video, which has meant some additional thinking about timing, size and placement. Live I have been running Resolume Arena with a main Mac controlling the timing via midi. Initially to use it for projection mapping and masking onto the screen, but given that Rin will eventually be running without this setup from one Mac, I decided to simply mask off the projection at the rendering stage.

You can find more information on Death Ingloria here:

Death Ingloria’s Album launch for “The Wolf Onboard” is on the 16th November 2017 at The New Cross Inn, London. EVENT LINK



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