You get the idea. So I have been attempting to render as many scenes as possible. I think I’m just under halfway with all the panned and moving shots. Which is pretty useful. Biggest pains in the arse have been;

  • The screwed up way that 3ds Max (the camera track format read by Vue) does it’s X, Y, and Z axis. It’s unlike any other program!
  • What to export your camera as, in Boujou? ‘static camera, moving scene’, ‘panning camera’, ‘moving camera, translating scene’ so on… what?!
  • Finding a ‘floor plane’ in Boujou. Easy enough in some ways, but when you want to move your camera and tracking points up, I know, lets flip it all 90 degrees! Why?!
  • the inability to move your camera in any way, once you import a camera solve into Vue.

I have a weird thing about solving these issues though. For some reason I kind of enjoy it. maybe I’m a masochist?

Mainly I want to get into the real interesting side of all this editing though. All the keying out will come next. I’ve sent Billie some frames of the edit so that she can draw over them and create her sections. Obviously they will be moving, so I hope I can implement them well enough.

I’ve also changed the format of my background renders – I was using BMP files due to their lossless quality, but each file was coming in at around 6mb. Overall it just made the whole thing quite unwieldy. I’ve since decided to render in jpg sequences as they seem to not have any major negative lossy qualities.

dominion take 10_000003


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